The media run puppet courts; The written press has a certain responsibility; electronic media don’t: CJI NV Ramana


He said that by organizing agenda-driven debates, the media were overstepping and failing in their responsibilities and setting democracy back two steps.

“In recent times, we see the media running puppet courts, sometimes on issues that even experienced judges struggle to decide. Ill-informed and agenda-driven debates on issues involving the delivery of justice have prove detrimental to the health of democracy. propagated by the media affects the people, weakens democracy and damages the system. In this process, justice is negatively affected”, he said.

In this regard, he particularly criticized the electronic media which, according to him, have no responsibility.

“The print media always has some degree of responsibility. Whereas the electronic media has no responsibility because what they show disappears in a thin year. Worse still, social media”, he said.

He was delivering the first “Judge SB Sinha Memorial Lecture” on “A Judge’s Life”, organized by the National University of Law Studies and Research, Ranchi.

Delivering justice is not an easy responsibility and it is becoming more and more difficult with each passing day due to concerted campaigns in the media, especially on social media against judges, he lamented.

The media trial, he argued, cannot be a determining factor in deciding the cases.


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