The 13 Best Cell Phones to Check In With Your Kids in 2022


Giving your child a cell phone is one of the great enigmas of modern parenthood. Is it really necessary? (Sort of.) When should they get one? (Questionable). What is the best phone for children? (It depends on their age and your degree of neurosis). What should their first cell phone be? (There are way too many options.) And also, more screen time? Ugh.

It turns out that the screen part is actually optional in children’s cell phones. There are many cheap cell phones for kids in basic styles available that primarily function as emergency cell phones for children, rather than another expensive tech device that turns them into phone zombies (and affects their development cerebral). And being able to stay in touch with your child – and potentially locate them at all times with GPS – is priceless, when it comes to peace of mind. Whether you buy a smartphone, a prepaid phone or a phone without internet (like the classic Firefly cell phone), it all depends on what you are comfortable with, what you want to spend and the level of freedom and sophistication . your child is ready for.

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Options for 2022 range from durable, childproof cellphone/smartwatch combos to ultra-basic old-school models to more advanced smartphones. You can choose a cell phone with a limited number of calls, a prepaid phone, a screenless walkie-talkie style alternative, or a phone that works like video, internet, etc. (like the infamous iPhone or iPod Touch). Even better, most offer some sort of location tracking, as it’s important to give your child freedom, but also creepy.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best kids’ cell phones in 2022. No matter your price range or parenting style, there’s a choice here that will satisfy everyone.

Best Emergency Phones

This gadget might look a little more like a beeper than a cell phone, which might be a good first step. After all, sometimes parents can have mixed emotions about giving their child a phone. The AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker is a great way to find out where your kids are. It also includes a speaker that will allow you to chat with your child. Even better, the iAlert will warn you ahead of time if your child isn’t following a typical pattern. Are they late for school? This device will let you know. A subscription plan is required, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind it brings.

Want to keep it simple? Luckily, there are still plenty of phones out there that won’t let kids get lost in apps. The Nokia 225 only has a basic camera, FM radio and a few games loaded onto it – and that’s about it. Perfect to gift to a teenager if you want to stay in touch with minor distractions, this phone is also quite reasonably priced. This phone may not be suitable if you are a Verizon family, as it is equipped for GSM carriers. But if that’s not an obstacle, it will serve as an excellent emergency phone.

Limited cell phone for children

The Jethro SC490 is a great model for emergencies – and the large display and buttons featured are perfect for young hands who may not be too experienced when it comes to handling a cell phone. This phone has an emergency SOS button that can connect with up to five contacts in an emergency. It may be the safety net you as a parent need. It also has nationwide coverage, so you don’t have to worry about losing connection.

The brand known for children’s tech toys has finally created a cell phone (Wi-Fi only) that allows children to send texts, voice messages, photos and drawings to an approved contact list. As makers of learning toys, the folks at Vtech naturally outfitted the phone with 40 educational games, as well as a kid-safe web browser. It also has bumpers and a shatterproof screen because the best kids cell phones are built to withstand being treated like toys.

This phone is super small (seriously, it can fit in your jeans pocket) but don’t underestimate its capabilities. Equipped with a built-in gyroscope that determines its position and orientation, the Jelly Pro also has plenty of memory to store music, a pedometer to track steps, and Bluetooth support, making it a candidate for the best first mobile phone for 11 years. -years and over.

Smartphones for Tweens

The TCL 10 SE unlocked Android phone can be the perfect choice for a teenager. This version is unlocked, which means you can choose your own carrier. With 64 GB, your child will appreciate the speed of this phone. This Android device also has fast charging. It’s an ideal device for someone who is more interested in snapping photos of their friends than scrolling the internet. You can buy it in two colors: Polar Night and Icy Silver.

Your kids will love that this TracFone comes with a 6.2″ HD screen. And parents will love that they can get unlimited talk, text and data plans at low cost. This phone , which is carrier-locked, comes with its own SIM card and will be ready to activate once it arrives at your doorstep.” I couldn’t believe how many features it had. I love how you can split the screen in half and have two apps visible, but only able to run one at a time, going back and forth between the two,” said a satisfied Amazon customer.

Smartwatch Cell Phone Combinations

Smartwatches that also work as emergency cell phones for kids? Yes please. The MeritSoar Kids Smartwatch allows for two-way calls, two-way voicemail and incoming SMS, and features GPS and LBS (location-based services) to provide you with your child’s precise location at all times. It’s also equipped with a camera, flashlight, math games and more, so your child might love it as much as you do.

Keep an eye on your child, where and when. The TickTalk 4 is a watch that allows video calls, voice calls, SMS and a secure GPS tracker. Recommended for ages 5-12, this watch is a great way to keep your kids safe without investing in a full-fledged cell phone. The watch also includes plenty of parental controls that will allow you to have more authority over what your child has access to. It is available in pink, black and blue.

The Prograce Kids smartwatch comes with built-in games, flashlight, headphone port, touchscreen and rotating camera. Staying connected with your child has never been easier.

Some of the best cell phones for kids are smartwatches (the main benefit being, of course, that it’s hard to misplace a wrist-worn device). This has many built-in games, such as Ultimate Racing, Basketball Shoot Master, and Bee War. But, this INIUPO watch can even make calls if you buy a SIM card, which is not included. This means you have a way to easily connect with your child whenever you want. An alarm clock and calculator are also built-in, and you can get it in black, pink, or blue.

Smartphones for young children

What was designed for older people is actually one of the best cell phones for kids, especially younger ones who need something easy to use. With basic capabilities (we’re talking about a flip phone), including giant buttons, a loud speaker, and simple yes/no navigation options, the Jitterbug phone is for kids who don’t need it all. additional bells and whistles.

It’s pretty much inevitable that kids will drop their phones on at least a semi-regular basis. The Cat S41 is supposed to be ultra-durable: it’s certified waterproof to 6.5 feet for 60 minutes, drop-resistant up to 6 feet, and features a scratch-resistant screen as well as a ton of battery to keep it charged. For days. It is also designed to be readable even in direct sunlight. If you are looking for a childproof cell phone, this is it. Although this listing includes a memory card and adapter, Amazon also sells the phone on its own.

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