Teenagers Steal Cell Phones From Best Buy, Lead Cops In Pursuit


Wild cellphone video of a police chase through the streets of Oakland County was taken Thursday, June 9.

That’s when police said two teenagers – aged just 14 and 16 – had just stolen cell phones from the Best Buy on John R in Madison Heights when an employee confronted them. One of the teenagers then pulled out a gun.

Investigators say the suspects jumped into their vehicle and took off, dragging police into the chase before ultimately crashing in the area of ​​I-75 and Nine Mile.

After the accident, one of the suspects fled, but the police caught him. The two teenagers were taken into custody.

“Fourteen and 16 is too young,” said Andrea, a customer. “They are wasting their lives”

“What’s going on at home, you know, damn it, you should be at home, being a kid,” said customer Ashley Simmons.

“You went out there – put your life on the line – other lives on the line,” Andrea said. “So you have a high-speed chase, you could have killed other people and more people, all because of what?”

“Look at society as a whole right now, all the mass shootings, all the things that are going on,” Anthony Rice said. “It’s very terrifying, it’s very terrifying.”


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