Nicki Minaj announces new music and the Barbz go crazy


Nicki Minaj fans rejoiced when she announced the release date of her new single and Queen Radio’s return on Friday July 22.

The diamond-selling rapper has revealed that Queen Radio will return on August 11. She also updated fans that her song “Freaky Girl” will be released on August 12.

Nicki Minaj excited his next single with several messages on Twitter. Her name was Nick James since “Freaky Girl” samples Rick James’ “Super Freak.”

“#NickJames come do what girls SHOULD do,” she wrote. “#NickJames comes to show the girls why they should have sat still and eat their food. #NickJames comes to show the boys how to REALLY gag girls. Pauz #NickJames comes to bring hope to humanity.

Nicki Minaj then teased fans with an encrypted message regarding Queen Radio.

“I will choose 10 people,” she wrote. “I’ll be announcing who you are on #QueenRadio on 8.11. No, I’m not saying HOW I choose. No, I’m not saying WHY either. #FreakyGirl #NickJames 8.12. I love you. Always have. Always will.”

Loyal Barbz celebrated after Nicki Minaj shared her plans on social media.

Check out a sample of their reactions below.


Nicki is really dropping her debut single like we’ve been waiting for years and it’s finally happening…


This is the track!! “I’m saving for the head” stans, STAND THE FCK UP!! That’s enough time to print the poster, tell your mom to get different credit cards, buy some gift cards, and get ready to donate if you can’t buy… NICKI IS COMING!!




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