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95 minutes


2 stars

The Story: James McAvoy is an absent divorced father called back to Scotland by his ex-wife, played by Claire Foy, when their seven-year-old son goes missing. The investigation suspects a link between his work abroad and the disappearance, while he has suspicions about the new boyfriend of the young lady (Tom Cullen).

Two reasons to watch this movie:

1. Friendly tracks

McAvoy mentored a generation of superheroes as Professor Charles Xavier in several X-Men blockbusters (2011-2019), and Foy was Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix series The Crown (2016-present).

In the Scottish kidnapping thriller My Son, however, they are just an ordinary desperate couple living every parent’s worst nightmare.

2. The Highlands

The hazy, silent and eerie backdrop sets the tone.

One reason not to watch this movie:

1. Where is the script?

No, really, the actor never had one.

French director Christian Carion, in remaking his 2017 Mon Garcon, hid the entire story from McAvoy throughout filming to create real disorientation.

Too bad McAvoy, who let himself be improvised. From scene to scene he struggles, finally arriving at random in a violent vigilante dad drama in which he takes a blowtorch and a fire extinguisher against the bad guys in the absence of Liam Neeson’s special skills.


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