Doctors used candles and mobile phones to treat a miner at El Seibo Hospital


Doctor Teofilo Hernandez hospital in El Seibo province has been declared ‘in a state of emergency’ by citizens after medics had to treat a child’s injured hand with phone lights laptop and candles.

The hospital was plunged into darkness due to the lack of a backup power plant, while a power outage affected part of the province’s urban area.

This led the residents of Seibo to declare the hospital in critical condition, and they demanded through social networks and the media the intervention of the authorities to complete the renovation works of the hospital.

Faced with the situation, the director of the hospital, Rosa Margarita Chovet, asked the National Health Service (SNS) to temporarily install a power station. However, residents demand that the plant be left permanently in the hospital to avoid unfortunate cases like the one that happened with the miner.

The situation keeps patients who come to the hospital on the brink of despair, who understand that the health of the poorest in this province is not guaranteed.

They assured that, although the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, has repeatedly announced that the Teófilo Hernández will be concluded as soon as possible, in the opinion of the citizens, “it remained only promises” .

The hospital began to be remodeled a decade ago, and work has stalled, with no end date.

Other factors that prevent patients from receiving quality services are the lack of equipment and health personnel, flooding of sewers, leaks and deterioration of infrastructure.

Citizen Juan Pradio Rojas said the only thing done with the hospital was promises that it would be finished but the time never came.

“They are always doing repairs, and you never see what they are doing in the hospital, which is a shame because the poor have nowhere to go when they need medical attention,” he said. Explain.

He also said another downside is the lack of a waiting room since patients have to wait a long time outside in the sun.

“We hope that in this administration of President Luis Abinader there will be a change and that they will finish the reconstruction of this much needed hospital once and for all,” he said.

For her part, Ms. Cleotilde Mejía demanded the completion of the works because it is the only hospital in the province, and due to the conditions in which it operates, it is not able to cover health needs.

The citizen indicated that the health of the poor is at stake right now because not everyone has the resources to go to private health centers.


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