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Everyone remembers when EA had this brilliant idea charge $10 to play online games? Well, that was one thing, and supposedly it was to fight against used game sales so EA could still make some money from the sale. The idea was seriously dumb and beyond frustrating, and luckily it quickly died before too many other companies joined in.

Unfortunately, ideas like this still exist, and for some reason Sony is leading the way with extremely dumb Steelbook game editions.

About a generation ago, Sony was the company that put gamers first. The “we won’t do this because we care about the players!” initiative, it made Sony rather respectable and quickly got fans jumping ship on Xbox. But the tide has turned.

Now Sony charges an extra $10 for PS5 gamesinstead, it means $70 new fee or $10 upgrade fee. They charge publishers for crossplay the integration. They raised PS Plus prices, and even deleted more than 200 games from PS Now before charging more for a PS Plus Premium service. But all this does not compete with them to ruin the collectors editions.

When Horizon finally went on preorder, I ran to GameStop and got my special collector’s edition of the game. I love collector’s editions. They normally come with statues, special boxes and a steel book to keep my record. A lot of them are usually very neat and Horizon had a really cool statue that I wanted. Then I read the fine print.

In the fine print, it’s noted that even though the collection comes with a steelbook, it’s completely empty. Instead, the high-priced collection came with a digital code for the game. It’s a dumb move. We have already written about this.

It was so stupid that a lot of people ended up canceling their preorders and GameStops near me, not to mention the PlayStation official sitestill have several collectors editions on their shelves.

So I figured Sony couldn’t be so stupid to start over with its biggest franchise in the PlayStation library, God of War, right? Bad. Here we are again with a rather nice collector’s edition that I would like to have, but I will avoid it because once again I am forced to buy two copies of the game.

We live in a world that is still hampered by data-capped ISPs. I use the majority of my allocated data just to work, when games have massive updates to keep playing I push my limits as is. Like many people who live in this world of greedy ISPs, I don’t have the data to download full games. We bought a PHYSICAL edition of PS5 to buy PHYSICAL games for a reason.

For others, it’s just to collect, you know… collector’s editions of games. So having a physical disc in their library seems more complete than a piece of paper with code on it. Several sources also found the high relevance of having access to the “day 1” code in games, compared to downloading later updated games. Plus, do we even need to get into the idea that you own the game as long as you have the console? I mean sony just recently announced they are removing all movies purchased on the PlayStation Network from all users today…

It is a decision that Microsoft has already fixed. The answer is to offer the PS4 or PS5 copy of the game in addition to the collector’s box. Problem solved. In fact, most games that offer a steelbook variant of games normally come with an empty steelbook and your game selection, that way they don’t print steelbooks for Xbox and PlayStation. And anyone who bought the digital-only PS5 (our thoughts are with you) can simply choose to keep a digital-code version.

If that’s not the solution, why do we still offer the Steelbook? An empty case is pretty useless unless you expect people to pick up a random CD somewhere and throw it away for fun. If we don’t offer physical media, pull out the steelbook and find something else to offer entirely with the bundle. Maybe Sony expects us to throw an extra $70 on the game to pick up two copies to complete their $300 collection?

Either way, alienating more than half of your user base to cater to the digital-only option seems like a really bad idea. In the PlayStation Blog announcement post, the comments are filled with angry fans that Sony has made the same mistake again. Are they listening? Well, considering that God Of War will probably sell tons of copies with or without this stupidity, I doubt it. Our only hope now is that BestBuy can strike a deal to offer their own Steelbook Edition, which they’ve done with almost every major release.


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