Crane School District Takes Strong Stance on Use of Cell Phones and Electronics Next Year


CRANE, Mo. (KY3) – The Crane School District will change its phone policy for students for the upcoming school year.

The district will ban cell phones, smart watches, headphones, digital cameras and similar devices. In a letter to parents, principal Daniel Davis listed inappropriate videos, cheating, bullying and harassment on social media as reasons for the policy change.

Donaya Reasor is a district parent. She says seeing the bullying listed in the letter caught her attention. She says her daughter has personally experienced this over the past year.

“A lot of it was through Snapchat and things like that,” Reasor said. You know that when you send a text through there, it gets deleted after you see it.

Davis says student safety is a top priority. He says that as a parent he understands the need to know if your child is safe at school.

“We took that into consideration and knowing that we have new phones in every classroom,” Davis said. “The new phone system is going to be installed this summer, so outgoing calls can be made from any room where we haven’t always had one in the past.”

“While it’s nice to be able to text your child after school saying they wanted to make sure you made it on the bus, the teachers are really up to speed with communication. with the parents,” Reasor said.

The district says students should leave their devices at home, in their car, or check them in at the office. The first violation of the policy may result in forfeiture. The second will result in the form of detention. Administration must approve exceptions.

“We try to make sure kids know how to invest in themselves and how to invest in others,” Davis said. “We want them to develop those social and emotional communication skills that some of them, unfortunately, don’t have as much because of what they grew up with.”

The school district says it will be posting a Frequently Asked Questions section in the coming weeks to address any concerns from parents and the community.

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