​Art Riot bursts into music promotion


Culture | June 16, 2022

By John Showalter

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Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can throw things off course, but they can also present the opportunity for growth in a new direction. This is the case with Art Riot in Moorhead, which started out by publishing a magazine featuring local arts, music, comics, fiction, etc., as well as printing t-shirts.

“Art Riot opened in 2013,” said Jordan Tepley, one of the current partners of New Art Riot as well as an affiliate of Discontent Fargo, a smoker/vaper lifestyle store. “My father Tom was the first owner of the business. In 2019 he passed away and we took a little break to get back on our feet, and here we are in 2022!

Back from the interim, Art Riot has embarked on a brand new adventure, but still dedicated to showcasing the talents of local artists: the promotion of concerts. “At the time of this interview, we offer custom t-shirt printing!” Tepley said. “We also make personalized stickers and engraved products. Promoting concerts is our new business. It’s been great fun so far.

The first show promoted by the renamed Art Riot took place on June 4 at the Aquarium and featured local metal heavy hitters Void Rot, Phobophilic, No Divinity and Vessels.

The next one, July 16, also at the Aquarium, will feature Suffering Hour, Nothingness, Aberration, Maul and Thrallfrost. “The July show has a really great lineup,” Tepley said. “If you love metal music, there’s no way you’re having a bad time watching any of these bands. We will be posting a blog post about the July show on our website.

In order to promote these shows, Tepley has collaborated with someone who is no stranger to music promotion in Fargo-Moorhead, Martin Beckmann. Until recently, Beckmann was the event director for Radio Free Fargo, as well as hosting Locals on the 8’s over at The Great and Mighty 95.9. In his time with Radio Free Fargo he probably hosted at least 50 shows.

“I met Jordan years ago when I worked at Mothers and he at Discontent and always knew he was legit, but it wasn’t until a recent job brought us into close contact. that we started talking about doing shows,” Beckmann said. “I thought Art Riot was doing something really cool and it would be great to reach out to the local music scene by putting on shows and then hopefully getting them to come and use the shop because it’s a great thing to have locals.”

The idea for Art Riot to promote concerts was born a few months before the first show with Void Rot. “We both love metal and remember a day when there was a pretty solid pipeline to big bands in other Midwestern cities,” Beckmann said. “We wanted to recreate that. But don’t worry, metal won’t be the only thing we do. There are certainly softer plans in the works.



If you’re wondering where you can learn more, don’t worry. Our website just launched on June 10! We will share all kinds of information and updates there (www.artriotpromotions.com). We also have Facebook and Instagram pages where we post regularly (artriotmagazine and artriotpromotions on FB and IG).


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