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Of Thor: Love and Thunderthe choice of Christian Bale for his villain at the return of Sigourney Weaver in the next Avatar: The Way of the WaterHollywood studios clearly understand that a good cast is as important to a film’s success as the story and script.

However, there are many instances where even an amazing and talented cast couldn’t save a movie from being a disappointment or even a disaster due to a bad script or other production issues. Website users private soldier voted to determine the best castings in otherwise terrible films.

Note: Ranking lists are voted by fans, live and continue to accrue votes, so some rankings may have changed after this posting.


ten This is where I leave you

Originally based on a 2009 novel, This is where I leave you is a comedy-drama about a dysfunctional family that must reunite and spend a week together after the death of the family patriarch. Directed by Jason Bateman, Tina Fey and Jennifer Aniston, and directed by free guy‘s Shawn Levy, he had all the ingredients to be awesome.

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Except that while it made a small profit at the box office (about $21 million, not including marketing costs, according to box office mojo), rotten tomatoes called it “a disappointment” as it contains rotten scores from critics and audiences. The ensemble cast is there, and at times the family drama shines, but most of the time its plot and sweet tone are too basic to satisfy the drama or comedy it tries to balance.

9 adults 2

adults 2 casting

Considered one of the worst Adam Sandler films on Rotten Tomatoes, adults 2 is not a lost gem of cinema; in fact, came during a wave of sweeping Sandler movies that would seemingly define the 2010s actor as a has-been who had lost his mojo. Only recently with Uncut Gems and Hustle did that change, with Sandler showing some impressive acting skills.

Yet looking at the cast itself, with many former saturday night live members who have also practiced extensively in the stand-up world, it’s not hard to imagine this film or the first film being a hilarious outing about growing up, parenting and how times have changed. Instead, it ends up looking like a Sandler vacation subsidized by Sony and paid for by the public.

8 What to expect when you are pregnant

What to expect when you are pregnant

Named after, and somewhat adapted from a pregnancy guide of the same name, What to expect when you are pregnant can boast Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks and Anna Kendrick as its leading women, experiencing the tribulations of pregnancy and parenthood.

Earning a measly 23% on rotten tomatoes and a 5.7/10 on IMDb, attempts to charm this rom-com set were unsuccessful. The same year Banks starred in The hunger Games and Kendrick headlined the first Perfectit’s obvious the film had talent, but the script didn’t provide much for the cast to compel audiences in the first place.

seven Gulliver’s Travels

By 2010, Jack Black had made a name for himself in the comedy world, and the two school of rock and kung fu panda show the best he had to offer. But this adaptation of an 18th-century novel, while a surprise box office success, was one of the biggest miscalculations of his career.

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However, his failure isn’t on Black at all, as the film finds him in a role very similar to those that made his name in the first place. The biggest oddity is actually the source material chosen for the project, since the original book is meant to be a critical satire of 18th century society, as opposed to a vehicle of diversionary humor that the film sought to be.

6 Be cool

Remember Get Shortythe 1995 detective comedy which, with pulp Fiction, helped revamp John Travolta’s career in the 1990s? MGM and Fox were counting on it when, ten years later, they released the sequel Be coolthat changed the scenery from movies to the music industry.

Not only did it feature the returning characters of Travolta and Danny DeVito, but it reunited Travolta and Uma Thurman from pulp Fiction. Destined to succeed? No. What he becomes instead is an excuse to cash in on the nostalgia and be a way to kick-start Travolta’s career once again. While it’s not nearly as bad as the other big 1990s sequel that year, son of the maskthis still does not justify the return to Get Shortyof the world.

5 masked and anonymous

Bob Dylan masked and anonymous

A movie that stars pop culture icon Bob Dylan alongside Angela Bassett, Christian Slater, Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Mickey Rourke, Penelope Cruz and Val Kilmer seemed like an excuse to print money and earn rewards.

What he became instead was, like Roger Ebert himself said in his 1/2 star review, “a production of vanity beyond reason”. The film really feels like it was made specifically under the Bob Dylan brand, and given that Dylan is a co-writer on the film, what other conclusions should we draw? It ends up wasting everyone’s talent, including its Nobel Prize-winning music star in literature.

4 The Fantastic Four (2015)

How fitting of fourth place! 2015’s attempt to revitalize Marvel’s First Family in cinematic form, The Fantastic Four is one of the worst movie remakes for Ranker, but at the same time, it’s being recognized for its potential given the cast assembled for the film.

Miles Teller had just been acclaimed for Whiplashand Michael B. Jordan the same year brought the Rocky return allowance with Creedyet the film managed to be the worst The Fantastic Four released to date. Considering the flak John Krasinski’s Mr. Fantastic received for his Doctor Strange 2 looks like there really is a curse when it comes to adapting the Fantastic Four to the screen.

3 The big wedding

The cast of The Big Wedding 2013

What do you get when you cast Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Robin Williams and Susan Sarandon in a comedy based on a wedding? You get, according to Leanby Josh Slater-Williams (also named in the Ranker list), a film “completely devoid of laughter… [that’s] also fueled by repugnant misogyny, homophobia and stereotyping of certain races.”

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Having these screen legends acting in such a terrible movie doesn’t save the movie at all. If anything, it’s the cinematic equivalent of auto-tuning a truly untalented singer: it’s to a point where what’s supposed to elevate the material only further highlights the issues. It’s disappointing that this is one of Robin Williams’ last films.

2 new year’s eve

new years eve 2011 movie poster

Even though it wasn’t a box office flop like Mothers’ Day, new year’s eve was also directed by Garry Marshall and released in late 2011, a continuation of his earlier effort Valentine’s day. It was also a critically panned ensemble piece, as this unremarkable rom-com-dram was one of the worst films of that year.

The cast is too long to name, but Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl (both also in The big wedding), Michelle Pfeiffer and Hilary Swank all deserved a top-notch screenplay. Almost every member of the main cast has starred in better movies or TV shows than this one. The best thing about new year’s eve did it make people appreciate the cinematic clean slate that 2012 would bring.

1 batman and robin

The cast of Batman and Robin

Although widely considered the worst Batman movie ever made, batman and robin is still fun to watch if only for a laugh. Providing some of the funniest Batman movie quotes of all time, batman and robin is definitely a movie worth watching, not because it’s a well-made movie, but for the exact opposite reason.

Yet even though George Clooney admits the movie was bad, it won Best Supporting Actor in 2006. Alicia Silverstone had just starred in cluelessUma Thurman in pulp Fiction, and Arnold Schwarzenegger had dominated movies of the 80s and early 90s. It could have worked with a better script. Always a batman ’97 the comic could be an interesting read and a hit if DC ever did.

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